Outer Banks Poems

In anticipation of my upcoming vacation, I’m sharing two poems I wrote about my favorite place in the world, the Outer Banks of North Carolina …


Rise in the darkness
the sun still asleep
coffee and suitcases
being pulled east
mountains and highways
a grin on your mouth
five hundred miles
being pulled south
over the causeway
sea birds and sky
why ever leave here
why even try
cruise down the beach road
wind in your hair
waves on the sand
salt in the air
dolphins at sunrise
hammock in the breeze
heart is at peace
soul is at ease
seafood and ice cream
golden brown tan
roll in the waves
lounge in the sand
climbing the lighthouse
play in the dunes
somehow it’s always
over too soon
tears with the sunrise
on the last day
one day you know
you’ll be here to stay

Hatteras pic


Drive me down
to highway 12
drop me off
on the northern beaches
I’ll roam with the
wild mustangs
and bathe in the surf
let the salt breeze
dry my hair
I’ll wander down
to the town of Duck
wade into the sound
glide gently on a kayak
til I reach Kitty Hawk
climb soft, sandy dunes
where the Wright brothers flew
gaze over the horizon
to Kill Devil Hills
where pirates smuggled booze
swim towards Nags Head
green, blue tumbling surf
I can almost see the lantern
hanging from the neck of a nag
as it paces on the dunes
Sleep in the shadow
of modest Bodie Island Light
detour to Manteo
quiet little town
calm waters of Roanoke
glistening in the sun
back to the highway
its narrow two lanes
the ribbon grows thinner
as I push my way south
pay my respects
to the graveyard
out at sea
the landscape grows sparse
the closer I move
towards the Hatteras giant
black and white brick
a towering beacon
at the edge of the world

Note: These poems were featured by Capsule Stories in their 2020 summer edition

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