Meet the Family!

Well, how rude of me!

I’ve been blogging for almost a year and I haven’t introduced you to my children.

Okay. So I don’t have any human children (yet?). But I DO have an adorable doggo Comet and a fascinating gecko named Littlefoot (yes, as in The Land Before Time).

comet beach 2

Comet is a special pup, mainly because he’s one of the reasons J and I met. To make a long story short, when J was still dating his ex, she kept saying how much she wanted a dog. So one day shortly before Christmas 2007, he stopped by the local pound and saw Comet, a forlorn, raggedy looking one-year-old pooch lying in his cage looking like he was ready to die. J leaned over and said, “Hey, buddy, what’s up?” To which Comet replied with a pathetic whimper.

A few hours later, Comet was home with J, where he was anxiously awaiting the arrival of his girlfriend. Unfortunately, she was not pleased that J had adopted a dog without her approval, and things only got worse from there. Eventually she gave J the “it’s me or the dog” speech, and since J was tired of the dead-end relationship, he chose the dog and moved back in with his parents.

Three months later, J and I were set up on a blind date by mutual friends, and the rest is history. Although Comet didn’t take too kindly to me at first (I specifically remember him leaning against me while I sat on the bed or the couch in an effort to push me off the furniture), we are now totally in love. I think he was just being super protective of his daddy in those early days, which I have to admire.

Ten years later, Comet pretty much runs our house. He’s officially a “senior,” but certainly doesn’t act like it. He runs, jumps, plays, growls, barks, and eats like a freaking horse. We are ridiculously grateful that Commie is this rambunctious at eleven, especially since he had to have bladder surgery back in 2014. While his joints do occasionally give him troubles, he takes his pain meds like a champ … as long as they’re disguised in fruit snacks or marshmallows.

Commie blankets

Comet is one of those dogs that everyone loves. His unique appearance causes everyone to ask about his breed and personality (part spaniel, part retriever/INSANE but totally loveable), and I’ve actually had no less than 3 people stop their cars in the middle of the street while I’m walking him to inquire what kind of dog he is or simply to tell me he’s beautiful or adorable. Even one of J’s friends said one time, “I don’t like dogs, but if I had to have one, it’d be a dog like Comet.”
Our pooch is incredibly sweet, gentle, and smart. He loves going to the park, his squeaky yellow ball, chicken, and Dentabones. His dislikes include loud, sudden noises like the toaster “popping,” plastic bottles crunching, and plastic bags blowing in the breeze. Ironically, thunder and fireworks do not bother him in the slightest. Just another quirk that makes us love him so much more.

commie bed

Our gecko Littlefoot is another pet that J had before he and I met. By our best calculations, he’s about 12-13 years old, which is actually really impressive for a lizard of his type in captivity. Littlefoot is a crested gecko, and eats crickets and baby food like apricots, bananas, or apples. He’s nocturnal, and very territorial, as are most males of his species. In fact, he tried to eat one of his brothers way back when.

Littlefoot does subtly change colors from time to time – in the warmer months, he’s a darker greenish brown, and in the colder months, he’s tan or khaki colored. His eyes are huge and round in the dark and small and beady in the light, and he has a cup-shaped tongue that helps him find his food. And yes, he totally has “sticky feet” so he can climb on the sides of his terrarium and hang upside down from his plastic plants. (Technically, his feet aren’t actually “sticky.” Geckos have hundreds of tiny hairs on the bottoms of their feet that allow them to cling to surfaces).


Our gecko isn’t very social, but on the rare occasion we take him out of his terrarium to clean it or show him off to curious guests, he’s pretty chill. (There was that one time he “bit” J, but geckos’ teeth are smooth and rounded so they can grind their food instead of tearing it, so all that the bite did was leave a teeny, tiny, semi-circle of redness on his hand. It was actually pretty adorable). Littlefoot likes to climb up and down peoples’ arms and hands, and usually attempts to make some gymnastic leap towards God only knows what. He’s also pretty low-maintenance, and his uniqueness has spurred many curious conversations.

So there’s everything you wanted to know (and probably way more) about my children. Tell me about your fur kids, feathered kids, and scaley ones too!

lilfoot 2


3 thoughts on “Meet the Family!

  1. My whole family wants a dog, but I know the brunt of its care will fall on me. So, I’ve gotten as far as making sure it’s a female dog, anyway, to start to balance out my very male household. We keep postponing the inevitable, so we’ll see. Your pooch is adorable, so I’m sure I’ll fall in love when the time and dog is right!


  2. Aww, your pooch is so cute!! I’ve had rescue dogs my whole life, and I could probably write a book on their stories! Do you give Comet glucosamine and condrotent? We give that to my 80lb Black lab / German Shepherd mix, and at 16 years old, his mobility is still pretty good. They come in chewable tablets, and my Zeus thinks they’re candy!
    Funny story about pets that can be kept in enclosures – my uncle had fish growing up, except he had a very unusual method for cleaning the aquarium- my mom’s toothbrush. Needless to say, small animals in glass enclosures will not be making any appearances in my house anytime soon!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures!


    1. Thanks for reading! We actually occasionally find treats with gloucosamine in them and he gobbles those right up. Most of the time we forget his age because he is just so damn energetic!
      My mother in law has a pit bull named Zeus!
      Thanks for reading!

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