Well, hello, peeps!

If you are reading this, it’s October 7th. And if I didn’t chicken out or freak out completely, I’ll be in London, England enjoying the first day of my vacation.

While you’re reading, I may be strolling along the Thames, trying to navigate the Tube, or spending all my money at Borough Market.

I’m hopeful that London holds plenty of writing inspiration for me, so although I’ll have my notebook handy to jot down my thoughts and experiences, I’m sure none of it will be blog-ready until a couple weeks later.

I’m writing this post to keep you in the loop while I’m MIA for a week or two, considering that when I return on October 13th, I’ll probably be too exhausted to walk let alone string together several coherent paragraphs.

That being said, I have a dozen or so ideas floating around in my head for what I want to write about when I return (London experiences aside). I’m also contemplating attending a one day writer’s conference that same week, but I’ll have to see how sane/exhausted I am when the date gets closer. Hopefully I’ll be posting regularly again by November.

So here’s hoping I have limited travel-related panic attacks and an abundance of London-infused inspiration!

union jack


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