What Becomes

Despite everything I’ve been feeling these last few weeks, I haven’t been able to write much for some reason.
One of my blogger friends posted this and I thought it expressed a lot of those feelings beautifully.
Check out her blog if you enjoy lyrical, accessible, literary musings. Stay safe & healthy everyone.

The Wild Heart of Life

“For a moment, I expected the impossible.
And then it happened.”

Where are you?

Wild winds whipping up against a desolate landscape. Cold skies and a raging heart. You have been uprooted. Torn from the comfort of the ordinary, you have been exposed.

But do not go blind, little dove. Look around you. The air is clearing. There are dolphins swimming through the rivers inside Venice. There are people who can suddenly see stars. You have never seen a magic quite like this inside the world. Did you know that it has been here all along?

You are laid bare, but be brave. Ships are always safest in a harbor, but that’s not what they’re meant for. Live boldly. Raise your words, and not your voice. Speak kindly and remember there is nourishment in stillness.

Look at our world, now the mother of exiles. How she harbors each of us—give…

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