Stacy Alderman is the winner of the 2021 Children of Steel Fiction Award. Her writing has been featured by Macro Magazine, Capsule Stories, HerStryblg.com, and several others. She lives near Pittsburgh, PA with her husband and two rescue dogs. If she’s not writing or reading, she’s probably watching hockey or (dreaming about) traveling.

Well, hello! If you’ve stumbled upon my blog, you must be some form of Quirky, Confused, and/or Curvy, so welcome! And if you’ve stuck around long enough to read my bio and give me a follow, thanks!!!

I’m Stacy, and I remember the exact moment in sixth grade when I realized I wanted to be a writer. I spent the next decade or so getting straight A’s in English, writing for my school newspaper, failing the SATs with epic splendor, and dropping out of community college thanks to depression and anxiety (among other things — read the book).  I then completed two correspondence courses with The Institute of Children’s Literature and had a short story published by a local library.

Sadly, the writing dream died in my twenties while I was trying to be a “real adult” by working real jobs that made me miserable, buying a house, and getting married to a guy named J who is just as weird as I am. But happily I rediscovered my love for writing back in 2016 and plunged headfirst back into the writing world. My excitement got the best of me and I self-published two novels that same year without doing any research whatsoever. I highly advise against such a thing unless you’re not easily embarrassed. I’m still navigating my way through these sometimes tumultuous waters, but I have managed to garner a few writing credits (see my fancy published works page).

I’m also currently shopping for agents to represent my contemporary women’s fiction novel, The Month of May, a story about the overwhelming toll anxiety and depression can take on your life — and the messy, wonderful journey of crawling out of that hole.
My second manuscript, Ocracoke’s Daughter, is also finished and I am doing my best to scribe a worthy query and synopsis to send out.

Quirky, Confused, and Curvy is all about being a sometimes strange, mixed up thirty-something woman navigating life and the writing world while living with anxiety. I also write occasionally about traveling, life as a curvy woman, and observations from a liberal, leftwing standpoint.

When I’m not writing or reading, I’m probably watching Penguins Hockey, or (thinking about) traveling. I currently work a 8-5 office job and live with my husband and rescue dogs in a tiny suburb of Pittsburgh.

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